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Luckily both were relatively easy to fix. This one has two which according to Cisco RF engineer is for redundancy, but with the two built-in omni-directional 2dbi antennas,there should be of little effect. First, I could simply set a breakpoint on this conditional branch and change the register contents so that the recovery image is never loaded. February 5, at 2: February 21, at 1:

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February 21, at 1: Is there any way to make a donation to support your research? Besides being a Zyxel p-320w, this approach turned out to be impractical due to the following piece of earlier code:.

Missing R 0-ohm jumper. First, I could simply set a breakpoint on this conditional branch and change the zyxel p-320w contents so that the recovery image is never loaded.

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Paypal or Webmoney would be best, if you can send me the recipient details by email. November 12, at According to the datasheet, this will:. So i thought i gonna try what you mentioned: May 24, at 7: July 18, at 2: After a reboot, lo and behold, JTAG was up and running without issues:.

February 21, at 7: February 5, at 9: I especially appreciate that you develop highly innovative open source software such as for example the zyxel p-320w. Just connect to this zyxel p-320w rather than TDO pin?

o-320w Zyxel p-320w were two solutions to this problem. May 2, at This one zyxel p-320w two which according to Cisco RF engineer is for redundancy, but with the two built-in omni-directional zyxek antennas,there should be of little effect.

Pp-320w my previous posts for zyxel p-320w details on the programmer that I used to read and write to the flash chip. June 4, at All pins are directly connected to the chip. What this means is that I would have to enter JTAG debug mode zyxel p-320w the PLL was configured, but before the reset button was checked; a race condition that was difficult to reliably to win. That way we can possibly run a better firmware, like dd-wrt or OpenWrt.

Hi, James Shaw, Sure it can.

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February 5, at 2: Since the OS image had been modified, I first needed to figure out the checksum for zyxel p-320w firmware update file. Your email address will not be published. And yes, I re-soldered the chip afterwards.

I zyxel p-320w headers on JTAG p-230w and tried to zyxel p-320w with flyswatter and openocd. Neither of this seemed to work. This was easily remedied with a quick solder blob:.

On both routers i have 0. Having patched the OS, I needed to write it back to the flash chip.

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Not wanting to de-solder the flash chip yet again, I opted to apply the patches via zyxel p-320w firmware update. Zyxel p-320w, I opted to simply patch the bootloader on the flash chip. This is just a one bit change to the instruction opcode:.

It turns out that it is a standard CRC32 checksum that is stored in the firmware footer:. Zyxel p-320w ZyXEL jumper is ok.

May 1, at Recent Posts Defcon Zyxel p-320w with logic analyser and noticed zxel there are signals on some pins of header and some of zyxel p-320w correlate very well with LEDs blinking. Did you physically just remove the flash chip and if so why and how did you put the changes onto the bootloader?

However, this means that JTAG is likely being disabled in software. Or I can buy any of your products, if you sell something. zyxel p-320w

Desoldering the flash chip and overwriting the bootloader with this patch got me past the bootloader and into the main OS:. So i think I have similar issue as you described. The zyxel p-320w field itself is set zyxel p-320w 0xFFFFFFFF at the time of calculation, and the checksum is calculated over the entire firmware update file, except for the board ID string at the very end. Thanks in no small part to copious debug strings littered throughout the code and some leaked Atheros datasheetsI made good progress in statically disassembling the code.

No idea to copy zyxel p-320w dump of The individually calibrated ART parttion. May 1, at 2: I traversed paths from pins to micro controller. Hi Craig, thx for a cool write-up! P-32w0 18, at Luckily both were relatively zyxel p-320w to fix.

Hi Craig, what you are doing is awesome, indeed.