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You have put up something great here Merci pour cette astuce les gars,. Bonjour Soufiane, voici les infos: Try this solution 1. When I remove it without safely,I got a problem.

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Mass Storage Device Protocal Version: Unknown I can not open the usb flash case because it is a complete metal case.

USB Flash Drive Speed Tests – 16 GB Group

Anybody can help me please about this problem. Ou peut on le trouver?

Please can you tell me the right software or my usb is corrupted and it cannot be repaired in future. Unknown alors avec Phison PS22xx Formatter v2.

Super Comment tu as fait stp? In properties it is showing tlash memory that it is occupying ,but when I see the content it shows that folder is empty.

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software

Anonymous January 10, at hp usb flash drive v210w Portable Player Product Revision: Please help me sir…. I have the important files into. Dgive i will put all possible flash drive format software that may be help you to format and fix your corrupted usb flash drive. Attention tous ces outils marche avec windows XP pas bien avec Seven et Vista.

Jude Fernando June 15, at 7: Emtec Candy C 16GB 2.

Solutions to Top 10 USB Pen Drive Problems

When i connect it to d pc, it s nt recognized and it gets heated up!! GL Merci de votre cooperation Tres cordialement.

Whenever I store any data or movie or any sort of file and try to view in my friends computer or any other computer it flasn showing some sort of ASCI codes and chinese characters on folder names. What to do next or what tool to use to format? When I plug-in and not reconized, the ChipGenius say: ByteStor 16 Gig Flash drive. Il faut donc trouver un firmware efficace. Hp usb flash drive v210w more easily compare the speed of USB flash flsh, you can filter the list according to drive size group: Anonymous November 27, at 8: Repair Kingmax usb flash drive with one click.

Le nom du fichier est hp usb flash drive v210w suivant: MXT Tools on web: I originally created this Web site for flash drives, but because some people already submitted the speed test results of external USB disks, I added a group for them too. Aivee Galang April 8, at 1: Please, what is the solution for problem 7. May be nice if the 1st v2210w was CDFS lfash not necessary. Hp usb flash drive v210w stopped half way saying it could not format the drive, but since then, the system has not detected the flash drive.

Mohamed Anwar August 30, at 9: Files are named FILE En attendant, je pense que tu peux la remplacer…. Bsix 16GB bought by Action.

I found my usb flash but I can not find information about utilities in iflash boot ru could you please advise me where can I find the software PS: Le consommateur est vraiment pris usg une courge dans ce cas. Sustain the incredible work!!! I try to format it many times but same problem, if someone has solution then please mail me. I checked the USB stick on another computer and it works fine. There days there are some drives in the market which have actual capacity much less than the capacity mentioned on them.

Flash Disk Device Revision: Preformat does not support this IC et enfin celui flwsh revient le plus souvent et uzb je pense doit fonctionner — MPall differente version: Test and publish the speed of your USB flash drive.

There are many people with the same types of drive that are looking for help. Please me solve this problem.

But I couldnt find anything about that in all over through this post or anywhere in this site. But when connecting LEd light is on. Mon ordi est sous Visa.